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Fitness articles collected and written by Rob Bolz and his contributors.

Quick Guide to Eating for Maximum Athletic Performance

Quick Guide to Eating for Maximum Athletic Performance

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Whether it’s for long-term training or a light week in preparation for a big game, good nutrition is key for optimal athletic performance. Eating an overall balanced diet with whole foods that are nutrient-dense, limiting processed foods, and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is key to getting essential nutrients and adequate fuel.

There are hundreds of guides, cookbooks, spreadsheets, and more floating around the internet on healthy eating for maximum athletic performance. All of them basically give the same information:

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, aim for 400-500 calories to sustain you until lunchtime.
  • Lunch should include at least three to four food groups, consisting of protein, fruit/vegetable, dairy and grains.
  • Sports bars are a convenient snack for quick carbohydrates to enhance a mid-afternoon practice.

But, what kinds of food should athletes be eating during sports training? What are some on-the go options or something that will help refuel and replenish muscle energy after an intense workout? Here’s our quick guide to the best food for athletes to maximize their performance at the gym or on the field.

Nuts, Berries, and Cherries

Nuts are high in protein and healthy fats, making them a mainstay in athletes’ diets. Eaten with carbs, they help level out your blood sugar and sustain the carbs over a longer period of time, rather than burning them off right away. They’re also easier to digest and rich in fiber and antioxidants like vitamin E. The anti-inflammatory nutrients found in nuts makes them great for bone health, which is needed by every athlete. They also lower the bad cholesterol, which is good for heart health.

Blackberries, raspberries and blueberries are also rich in antioxidants to help replenish muscles after physical activity. Darker berries contain phytochemicals and other protective elements that prevent oxidative stress that occurs in the body during strenuous activities. Another antioxidant-filled fruit, cherries, aid in preventing muscle pain after running. It reduces inflammation, which is what causes such striking pain and eases soreness.

Oils and Milks

The monounsaturated fats found in olive oil have anti-inflammatory properties, while flaxseed oil contains omega-3s, which is also anti-inflammatory. As an added bonus, it also contains fiber and protein. Coconut oil is filled with medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which can help with your endurance during a grueling workout. The MCTs in coconut oil can also help with metabolism and energy from fat.

Another liquid to invest your time and money in is milk, even chocolate milk. Milk is loaded with carbs and protein, which makes it a great post-workout drink for muscle recovery. The caffeine found in chocolate dilates the blood vessels, helping them to relax after a workout. Interestingly enough, when carbs and protein are consumed together, muscle tissues repair themselves more quickly than they do when consumed separately.

On-the-Go Food

Athletes are always on the go, especially running to the gym and field. It’s important to choose energy-packed foods such as whole grain crackers with low-fat cheese, tortilla wraps with veggies and lean meat, hard-boiled eggs, vegetable or bean soups, small boxes of non-sugary cereal, fresh fruit, mini-whole wheat bagels with peanut butter, pita bread with hummus or pasta with grilled chicken. Pair any of these options with a fruit or vegetable and milk and you’ve got a great meal!

Peak Performance at Total Fitness

Nutrition is key to peak performance for all athletes. Foods high in protein, fiber, and vitamins will fuel your body for all high-intensity activity. Eating healthy and right for is the easiest way to stay ahead of the competition. For more information on athletic performance training packages and sessions at Total Fitness, contact us online.

Common Signs You Should Use the Services of a Personal Trainer

Common Signs You Should Use the Services of a Personal Trainer

By Fitness

Hiring a personal trainer is a big decision. While their services cost money, they also bring quite a bit to the table. If you have thought about using the services of a personal trainer in the past, but are hesitant to move forward, learning about some of the benefits they offer may help.

Keep reading to dive into the advantages personal trainers offer to ensure you make the right decision regarding if they are right for your fitness journey.

You Aren’t Meeting Your Fitness or Weight Loss Goals

The top reason most people turn to the services of a personal trainer is that they are working out but unable to reach their goals. The truth is, the online programs offered by trainers are generic and not designed for you.

With a personal trainer, you have someone who’s going to learn about you, your fitness goals, and other information to help you develop a personalized workout regimen that will help you start seeing results.

You’ve Lost Motivation to Go to the Gym

Everyone falls off the fitness bandwagon from time to time. Even those so-called fitness gurus go through phases where their workout is dull and boring. The goal of a quality personal trainer is to help you feel both accomplished and energetic each time you go to the gym.

To do this, they are going to switch up your workouts and keep you on a program that gets you excited about going to the gym.

You Continue Getting Hurt

This is never a good sign and a definite indication that something is wrong. While not all injuries are preventable, and the more active you are, the higher the likelihood of an injury, a quality program will help your body, not cause it pain and damage. A professional and educated trainer should evaluate your prior injuries, your limitations, and any surgeries you have had.

Their ultimate goal should be to help you meet your goals and remain safe while doing it. If they don’t ask these questions, you need to find a different personal trainer.

You Don’t Know What Exercises Will Work for Your Body

A good fitness program is going to go much deeper than just putting some exercises together for an hour and labeling it a workout. There are several things that come into play when trying to develop a well-rounded program. Goals, past activities, gender, and age are just a few.

Remember, exercise isn’t a one size fits all approach, and just because something is working well for your friend, it doesn’t mean it will work well for you. A trainer will know this, which is another reason they offer customized treatment programs for each client.

Reach Your Goals and Feel Great with the Right Personal Trainer

While you may be hesitant to hire a personal trainer at first, the fact is, they have a lot to offer. Make sure to consider the benefits here to see why this may be a smart move and how you may be able to reach your fitness goals faster with their guidance and help.

Back on Track

Back on Track

By Fitness

It’s nothing to be ashamed of – from time to time, most of us need help getting geared up to practice a regular fitness plan. We fall into a rut – we’re busy and stressed out, and it seems like we don’t have time for the gym at all, let alone for personal training.

So there are a lot of people out there who can benefit from a rejuvenation of their fitness schedule. If you think about it, it makes sense – not a lot happens in a vacuum, and that includes dedication to fitness efforts! Sometimes it just takes a little push to get back on track.

123 Total Fitness makes it easy to get back on the horse in terms of weight loss, strength training, stamina and endurance training and other kinds of fitness goals. We know how to approach wellness goals with empathy and encouragement, from our clients’ vantage points, to offer valuable fitness coaching in our community.

Expertise and Credentials

Our leader, Rob Bolz, has a Bachelor of Science degree in his field, and over 10 years of experience helping thousands of customers to get fit and enjoy better quality of life. In addition, he has no less than eight nutrition and training certificates as well as key experience running training camps.

The rest of us have our own credentials, too. We only hire people who have fitness as their passion, and can contribute to the fitness goals and well-being of our customers. We are committed to helping individuals to renew their commitment to fitness and conquer all of those challenges that stand in the way of their goals and objectives.

Versatile Coaching Plans

Our coaching plans are made with you in mind – we offer personalized and flexible plan packages with different affordable pricing and components. Take a look online and utilize full or monthly plans that work for your budget and your schedule.

Real Results

Want to lose inches on your waist? Looking at a BMI that’s pretty high? Check out our testimonials and success stories to see how so many of our customers went from overweight to trim and fit through the power of personal coaching and a personalized plan. You don’t have to struggle on your own – some well-timed and well-designed coaching can put you back on the path toward better health. Ask 123 Total Fitness about everything that we can do to put the spring back in your step, and to get your body trained and conditioned for better performance. We’re excited to help you to reach your fitness goals! And we know that when it comes to getting a handle on fitness, there’s no better time than now – procrastination is a dangerous enemy. Call us and get the help that you need to just get started.

123 Total Fitness: Coming Back After An Injury

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123 Total Fitness Coming Back After An InjuryYou doctor and physical therapist have cleared you for working out! The words are amazing to hear, but now you may have questions or concerns. Many factors are involved, when coming back from an injury. One program that works perfect for one person, may not fully work for another. Start small, listen to your body, and seek guidance.

Slow and Steady

As frustrating as it may be, begin by going at a lower speed and intensity. Physically and mentally, you have been through a lot. The last thing that you want to do is to go in, full-throttle, and immediately be back on the sidelines.

When you overexert yourself, especially after an injury, you have a greater chance of becoming weaker or hurting yourself. It is best to avoid a class setting. If you go right into a competitive situation, you may have the urge to compete once more and risk injuring yourself.

Start off with a low-impact routine. A brisk walk, or swimming, can help you build the cardio. Skip the 24” box jumps for now and leave it as goal to achieve down the road.

Let Your Body Talk

You may have the mindset that if you do not feel anything, then the exercise is not working. That is far from the truth. You are awakening the muscles that have been stationary.

If you used weights in the past, perhaps go down in the weight size or use a resistance band. Try using a stability ball to help with your balance. This will help you to focus more on your core, making it stronger and correcting your posture.

As always, you want to properly warm-up prior to any exercise and cool-down afterwards. If you feel a lot of pain during an exercise, be sure to stop. Do not try to push through.  Especially any pain that lasts for more than an hour, as you may have to give yourself a day or more to recover.

Stay hydrated and watch what you eat. Having a healthy diet will help you to get back to where you want to be. Stay away from over processed and sugary foods and avoid drinking alcohol. To avoid temptations along the way, meal prep and keep a bottle of water near you.

Your Guiding Light

It all starts with you. You must remain positive through this transition. If you are determined to get back to where you were, then you must modify and listen to your body. Do what you can and give yourself some credit. The most important part is that you showed up and are able to work out again!

The best thing to do is to contact 123 Total Fitness. Offering customized personal training, tailor made to fit with your needs and goals in mind. Nutritional plans are designed to help you stay on track. If you feel that you may sway, your personal trainer is accessible 24/7. The ball is now in your court. It is all up to you.


Achieve your goals in 2019

By Fitness, Food for thought

As the end of the year approaches, the question that is typically asked, either by yourself or by friends and family is, “What are you New Year’s resolutions?”  Personal changes can be made anytime but there is something about the beginning of a new year that, no matter what day it falls on, seems to make changes to our lifestyle or habits a little easier.

According to a YouGov poll, last January the two most common resolutions are health related.  People either want to eat better or work their bodies more.  Both resolutions are set to achieve the same goals.  You want to be healthier or you want to bring your body more into line with what your ideal appearance is.

But New Year’s resolutions cannot be made in a vacuum.  You must take steps to make those goals a reality.  What action will you take to make your goal come to pass? Preparing yourself today makes your dream more achievable. Start today to get ready so that you can start your journey off strong.

At 123 Total Fitness, we offer plans that make everyone’s resolution achievable.  You can form a group with your friends and work toward your goals together with our Small Group Personal Training Package.  You can work with your own personal trainer with our One-on-One Personal Training Package.  We customize your workouts to be just for you so that your dream body is achievable. Our results speak for themselves.

Contact us today to find the best plan to help you achieve your goals.  Together, we can be the team that makes your New Year’s resolutions happen this year!

Rob Bolz Named Best Personal Trainer of Dawson 2017

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Rob Bolz has won The Best Personal Trainer of Dawson 2017. Most noteworthy, this is the second year in a row that Rob has won this prestigious honor.  As founder and CEO of, Rob dedicates himself to helping people reach their health and fitness goals with a virtual, yet hands on approach.

When asked how he feels about winning the award for a second year in a row, he responds, “Receiving this award 2 years in a row is huge to me because the people in the community vote. Having everyone take the time out of his or her day to vote for me truly means so much! I am very thankful and very blessed.”

About Rob Bolz

A native of Dawson County, Rob entered the business world after graduating college. While traveling across the country seemed attractive, he recognized this lifestyle was not for him.  As a result, he returned home to Georgia and founded

I left the corporate world due to the fact that I wanted to do what I love everyday. This business gives me the opportunity to truly help people. I didn’t have that in the corporate world.”

Now he works with people as a personal trainer on an individual basis and helps them reach their health goals.  With over 10 years experience and a multitude of certifications,  he helps hundreds of clients create permanent lifestyle changes.

What I like best is the fact that I get to use my expertise to change people’s lives on the personal training side of things. Having someone come to me 80 lbs overweight and on 10 different meds with no confidence: seeing them completely transform their body, life, and health.

So start your health journey with a personal trainer and make today the day! Check out all that Rob Bolz and have to offer.


We are a group of nationally certified personal fitness trainers with over 10 years of experience. We have helped thousands of clients from all walks of life achieve their individual fitness and nutritional goals. Our services include access to an online personal fitness trainer, nutritional supplements, and workout apparel for men and women.