4016 Nine McFarland Dr, Alpharetta, Georgia 30004

Pam Giddings, Fitness Instructor

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Pam Giddings

Pam has been involved in fitness most of her life. Growing up in Florida, she was a multi sport athlete and played D1 Golf in College. The mom of 2 girls, who both playing D1 college tennis, Pam came into the fitness industry after her oldest daughter had a significant back injury. Focused on how to keep athletes safely in their sport long term, Pam's training philosophy is simple: to compete at the highest level your body has while moving properly and remaining injury free. She trains athletes with functional movement patterns, strength, agility and mobility; providing a strong foundation to allow them to take their sport to the next level.

  • ISSA ‍Personal ‍Trainer
  • PPCS (Pain Free Performance Specialist)
  • ITPA ‍Tennis ‍Trainer
  • Trigger ‍Point ‍Trainer
  • TRX ‍Certified in Group ‍Fitness, Functional ‍Training and RIP ‍Trainer
  • Positive Performance Coach

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