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Stay In Your Own Lane

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Staying In Your Own Lane

I will never understand why Coaches try and do Sports Performance Training and Sports Performance Trainers try to coach.  At 123 Total Fitness, we will get your vertical jump up, we will get your 40 or 60 yard dash time down, we will improve your reaction time, we will make you stronger, more explosive, faster, etc. but we will never try and teach or correct pitching or hitting mechanics.  We are not hitting coaches, we are not pitching coaches.  We can make you jump higher and have a more powerful serve but we aren't going to try and act as though we can teach serving mechanics because that is not what we specialize in.

Team conditioning is one thing; any coach in the country can condition an athlete.  But a lot of coaches act as though they are experts on true Sports Performance Training.  A lot of parents feel as though they are experts in Sports Performance Training because they played sports 20 years ago.  If we as trainers, coaches, and parents work together as one unit; then it is much more beneficial for the athlete.

Chris Bootcheck at Precision Pitching is one of the best Pitching Instructors I have ever seen.  The level of detail and commitment he puts into each athlete is fantastic.  But Chris refers his athletes to 123 Total Fitness when it comes to strength, hip load, hip explosiveness, balance, and core rotation.  This relationship works great because Chris is perfecting the athletes mechanics and we are increasing the physical performance of each athlete.  We work together which produces a much better athlete.

In conclusion; Trainers and Coaches, lose the ego bc it will get in the way of maximizing the athletes performance.  If you are a Coach or Trainer, leave the ego at home.  You are doing a disservice to the athlete if you try and wear every hat or act as though you are an expert in everything.  Great Coaches and great Trainer understand the value or working together and collaborating with each other.  Our goal is to get the athlete to reach his or her peak performance and make them the best that they can be.  If this is not your goal or you allow your ego or profit margins to get in the way; then you are in the wrong business.  The athlete comes first 100% of the time!


Rob Bolz



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