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Kellie Arrington

My daughter immediately conmected with Rob. He has been an invaluable part of her rehab after shoulder surgery.He implements sport-specific training while focusing on rebuilding muscles in her shoulder. Her goals are his goals in getting her back on the volleyball court. He pushes her and she performs. I cannot say enough great things about Rob.

Jessica Horn
Both of my teen athletes are loving the one on one sport specific training they are receiving here. Not only are they advancing in there agility and strength, they both are also showing huge boosts in their confidence in their respective sport. That, to me as a parent, is priceless. 123 Total Fitness has been a great find for our family to take our athletes to the next level.
Kate Weitnauer

I’ve been training with Nicolle Hunt for a couple years now and it has been an amazing experience. I love working with Nicolle and it’s always a positive environment. She’s helped me so much with strength, vertical, endurance, and more.

Michelle Scoggins

i cannot say enough about 123 Total Fitness. I started teaining 3 days a week with trainer Abbey R. To be honest i could not bend over to tie my shoes. We did a consultation and set some goals. A year later I have reached my goals and we just set some new goals. I know all the trainers operate the same. It’s intimate. Personalized one on one training to YOUR ability. As a parent, if you have a child that has passion for a sport….. Rob and his team are thw trainers to take them to the next level.

Dana Cobb

Abbey is nothing short of AWESOME. She has a passion for training and wants nothing more than to see you meet your goals. She can train a wide variety of ages and various skill levels. If your goal is to excel in a particular or simply strength train, call Abbey - yo wont be disappointed.


We love Nicolle and Total Fitness 123.  They have helped my daughter meet her goals to perform at the highest level in softball.  Each week Nicolle sets a plan to work on speed, agility, and strength while also catering to what my daughters activities and studies in her daily life are.  So glad we found Total Fitness 123.

Pam Giddings

Both my D1 tennis players have trained with Rob at 123 Total Fitness during their junior careers. Rob prepared both girls for the demands of college tennis and they stepped on campus as freshman ready to play. First class training.

Micaela Brady

My daughter started about a month ago, training to help improver her strength and fitness for her volleyball game.  After each session with Coach Devin, she leaves feeling stronger, more confident, and excited to get to the next volleyball practice.

Michael O’Keeffe
123 Total fitness continues to impress. My rising 8th grade son has the dream to wrestle at the collegiate level. I reached out to Robert at 123 Total fitness and explained my sons aspirations. Robert was quick to respond and quick to get my son started on his journey. He has been pushed and through hard work and dedication has seen marked improvement. I would recommend 123 Total Fitness to anyone that seeks improvement in lifestyle or in sport.
Christine Bridge
We really appreciate all the help we have received. Garrett works with my son and he’s been outstanding. He is thorough and really cares about his athletes. He is always prepared and makes everyone feel like they are his only client. He made goals for him and constantly challenges him. You can definitely see a difference in my sons performance and physique. HIGHLY recommend 123 total fitness and all their trainers!!
Amy Tweedy
Love this place! Rob and all of his staff are very caring and truly want to help achieve the goals of their clients! My daughter loves her time with Rob and has already seen a difference in her strength on and off of the court! I highly recommend 123 Fitness! You won’t regret it !!
Katy Sceney
Both my girls have been training at 123 for a couple years now and it’s made a huge difference obviously in their physical strength but their confidence, determination and self esteem! Coach Pam is amazing and Rob is always so friendly and provides such an inviting atmosphere for any athlete training there. Highly recommend 123 and I have referred many of our tennis players to them for training! Thanks for being so AWESOME!
Don McMahon
If you have a student athlete that is looking to get to the next level, they can definitely get them there. Great staff and great programs for any sport!
Tammy Vititoe
Our teenage son has been working out with Rob for the past 3 months. We wanted someone that could provide him a plan that would focus on his specific sport. We are very grateful that we have found someone who pushes him to work hard while making it enjoyable enough that he wants to return. Based on the experience we have had so far our older son decided to also join 123 to prepare him for his upcoming track season. Thank you Rob & Cory for your guidance, encouragement & push for our two boys.
Gretchen Wilson
Rob and his team have been great! They are knowledgeable and truly treat each athlete as an individual. Highly recommend!
Bryan Horner
Rob and his team are second to none in their personal training. Highly recommend!!!!
Destiny Kruzel
If you are looking for personal training sessions or improving sports performance, I highly recommend checking out this gym. Rob and his staff are motivational, knowledgeable, and personable. I have been training with Rob for 8 months now and I have never looked or felt better. 123 Fitness has changed the game for me.
Griffin Egolf

Trainer Nicolle Hunt has been amazing this past summer in helping me build strength as well as muscle endurance. As a swimmer, I was able to capitalize on said strength and perform at my best, which in turn betters college recruiting.

Rhonda Lazar
My experience at 123 Total Fitness has been amazing! I cannot say enough great things about Rob and all of the trainers at this facility. They are all extremely knowledgeable, professional, fairly priced and go above and beyond for their clients. If you’re looking for personal training, strength training, or speed/agility training, I highly recommend 123 Total Fitness!
Elena Piskun

Fantastic place. My kids love it.

Rick McElheny

Rob, Krystal and the team are the best. Krystal has helped my son significantly improve his speed agility and strength. I highly recommend 123 total fitness.

Sam Giganti

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with Bella. She is an amazing trainer! I highly recommend her work. Very good understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy, and how that corresponds with training safely.

Michael O'Keeffe

I have a 10 year old boy who begs me to exercise. I give all the credit to Crystal and the staff at 123Total Fitness. Thank you guys for helping teach my son how to live a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend 123Total Fitness

Caroline Barragan

This gym is a hidden gem! The trainers are knowledgeable, professional, and motivating. Workouts are adapted to your specific fitness level and goals. Great atmosphere, reasonably priced, and welcoming to all! My go to trainer is Bella...she's tough and keeps my workouts from getting repetitive. I highly recommend 123 Total Fitness.

Steve Mitchell

If you want results for weight loss,, strength training,, or to just bust a plateau,, this is the gym for you. Bella is an awesome trainer who pushes you but really understands anatomy, biomechanics, and the mind/body connection. Highly recommend it and I've seen results in my 6 months of training here. Clean facility with great equipment for power lifting or specific sports training.

Arden Holt

Best trainers in alpharetta. The staff truly cares and are very knowledgeable. From sports to personal training sessions, you’re guaranteed a great workout.

Sheila Weitnauer

Can’t say enough about 123 total fitness! Rob is amazing and has helped take my daughter to the next level as a committed division 1 athlete. He understands how to improve the body through both fitness and nutrition. Amazing experience!

Taylor Rowan

Robert and the staff at 123 Total Fitness are awesome. Robert asked important questions about my goals, lifestyle, and day to day life to create a custom workout and dietary plan for me to reach my goal. The services were affordable and Robert was always in touch checking on my progress and answering my questions. In 12 short weeks I lost 55 pounds and 5 inches in my waist! I would highly recommend 123 Total Fitness if you are interested in seeing results!

Emmy Aber
Everybody is super nice and supportive there. They can train you on specific skills for different types of sports and do a great job at it!
Jill Selzer
My daughter plays volleyball and has been training with Rob over the past couple of months. She has been getting stronger and her vertical is steadily increasing. Rob really pushes my daughter during training, but also balances it with constant encouragement. I think this is so important when dealing with young athletes.
Cindy Sassack
Rob is a game-changer. Our daughter has been training with him for over a year now. We've seen such an improvement in her overall strength, agility and especially in her vertical jump, which is so critical to her sport. For the best, sport-specific training, we don't think you can find anyone better than Rob. And since he’s the best, he only hires the best. We've been so impressed with the entire staff at 123 Total Fitness. Call them today. You will not regret it.
David Nelms
My son has been working out with Rob for the last 1 1/2 years and he loves it. Rob has increased his strength and flexibility 10 fold as well as helped him put on much need weight for baseball. It amazing how every workout is different and customized to his sport of baseball as this keeps it fresh and exciting. Rob does a great job providing encouragement and motivation throughout each session. I highly recommend him!!!!
Jean Wright
123 total fitness and Rob are EXCELLENT! Both our children have seen great results. Our son gained 30 lbs and our daughter improved her vertical. Rob knows just what our children need! I would strongly recommend Rob and his new facility for 123 total fitness

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