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123 Total Fitness: Coming Back After An Injury

By March 13, 2019Fitness

123 Total Fitness Coming Back After An InjuryYou doctor and physical therapist have cleared you for working out! The words are amazing to hear, but now you may have questions or concerns. Many factors are involved, when coming back from an injury. One program that works perfect for one person, may not fully work for another. Start small, listen to your body, and seek guidance.

Slow and Steady

As frustrating as it may be, begin by going at a lower speed and intensity. Physically and mentally, you have been through a lot. The last thing that you want to do is to go in, full-throttle, and immediately be back on the sidelines.

When you overexert yourself, especially after an injury, you have a greater chance of becoming weaker or hurting yourself. It is best to avoid a class setting. If you go right into a competitive situation, you may have the urge to compete once more and risk injuring yourself.

Start off with a low-impact routine. A brisk walk, or swimming, can help you build the cardio. Skip the 24” box jumps for now and leave it as goal to achieve down the road.

Let Your Body Talk

You may have the mindset that if you do not feel anything, then the exercise is not working. That is far from the truth. You are awakening the muscles that have been stationary.

If you used weights in the past, perhaps go down in the weight size or use a resistance band. Try using a stability ball to help with your balance. This will help you to focus more on your core, making it stronger and correcting your posture.

As always, you want to properly warm-up prior to any exercise and cool-down afterwards. If you feel a lot of pain during an exercise, be sure to stop. Do not try to push through.  Especially any pain that lasts for more than an hour, as you may have to give yourself a day or more to recover.

Stay hydrated and watch what you eat. Having a healthy diet will help you to get back to where you want to be. Stay away from over processed and sugary foods and avoid drinking alcohol. To avoid temptations along the way, meal prep and keep a bottle of water near you.

Your Guiding Light

It all starts with you. You must remain positive through this transition. If you are determined to get back to where you were, then you must modify and listen to your body. Do what you can and give yourself some credit. The most important part is that you showed up and are able to work out again!

The best thing to do is to contact 123 Total Fitness. Offering customized personal training, tailor made to fit with your needs and goals in mind. Nutritional plans are designed to help you stay on track. If you feel that you may sway, your personal trainer is accessible 24/7. The ball is now in your court. It is all up to you.